Saturday, January 21, 2006

雪梨皇家植物園-Royal Botanic Gardens

皇家植物園(Royal Botanic Gardens):澳洲最古老的植物園,原是農場由當年的流放罪犯開墾,後改建成總督官邸。脫離英國殖民後才成為植物園,由園內麥考莉座椅(Macquarie's chair)可飽覽歌劇院、港灣大橋和港口的最佳美景。 Review from Guests: 1.Safe, clean, welcoming and free. What else can you want for a quiet wander, picnic or siesta to recover from Sudney's other, more energetic, entertainments. Simply a must visit spot. 2. Sydney Botanic Garden is one of the best kept botanic garden I´ve been to. Their is a beautiful walkway with a great view over the harbour. Came across a children teater company and it seems like everybody was enjoying Wind the the Willowtree. I´ve also enjoy Sydney Symphony at The Domaine, next to botanic garden. 

Map of Royal Botanic Garden: 

Mrs Macquarie's Chair in Wikipedia:Mrs. Macquarie's Chair is a rock cut into a chair/bench shape on a peninsula that is part of Sydney Harbour and forms part of the Royal Botanic Gardens, at the end of Mrs. Macquarie's Road. Mrs Maquarie was the wife of Governor Maquarie. Folklore has it that she used to sit on the rock and watch for ships from England sailing into the harbour.
The peninsula sits between the
Garden Island and Bennelong Point (Where the Sydney Opera House resides) peninsulas. It faces almost North-north-west toward the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Brid


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