Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wooloomooloo wharf

wooloomooloo wharf
Heritage values. Contemporary living. Woolloomooloo Wharf is made for those who crave the harbour lifestyle. Unique living spaces, views of the water and stylish restaurants, all built in a grand style that embraces the site's unique architectural heritage.

The Wharf at Wooloomooloo is the largest of many finger wharfs that jut into the harbour in this part of the world. It was completed in 1914 and was the point of embarkation for soldiers bound for the World Wars. It also served as the landing place for the thousands of immigrants who came to make Australia home. The Wharf had a rocky period and almost got demolished but it is now a thriving block of Sydney given the development of the W as well as restaurants, bars and apartments. The promenade at the wharf is known to have some of the best eateries offering spectacular views across the harbour, marina, royal botanical gardens and the city skyline

Mrs Macquaries Chair and Royal Botanic Gardens.
Looking south east over Mrs Macquaries Chair, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Woolloomooloo bay. Sydney Airport can be seen in the background.Streets = Bourke Rd, Crown St.

Garden Island
An ultra wide photo of Garden Island looking south east over the eastern suburbs

Finger Wharf
A shot looking down on Woolloomooloo Bay including all of the Finger Wharf.

我們,依Mook雜誌,按圖索驛去找Finger wharf 上一家專賣Pizza餐廳,找到後,主廚已易主,現在叫Novo Cucina.但仍是賣義大利餐.點了spaghetti和Pizza,還好蠻道地,都依拿坡里方式製作,美味極了!整排碼頭都是高級餐廳,價錢還不是頂高,每一家都有特色,專長各不相同.黃昏後,港邊景色絕佳,適合情侶約會的地方!


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