Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sydney City Model in Custom House

One of the most spectacular features of Customs House is the 1:500 scale model of the Sydney's CBD embedded under the glass of the ground floor. The model was originally built for Customs House in 1998 and was housed in the former City Exhibition Space. With the latest refurbishments to Customs House, the model has been retained and updated and to give audiences a bird's eye view of the city of Sydney.
The city model is a permanent feature at Customs House and available to view during building opening times.

@Peter Murphy of the excellent Panoramic VR Blog has put online a virtual tour around the acrylic block model of Sydney. Covering over 1000 buildings and 10 square kilometres of the city it is similar in scope to the architects models that exist in many of the worlds cities. What is unique here is that at first glimpse it is difficult to tell if the model is real or virtual. It is of course real and well worth a look..

View the Virtual Sydney Model Tour..

*Peter Murphy's Panoramic VR blog:


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